In today’s world filled with cutting-edge technology and a widespread array of marketing schemes, we understand it’s not always easy to keep up with it all . . . and run a business – especially as a mom n pop competing with large corporations to stay alive and stay afloat.

…Much like yourselves, JCB Inventive is a modest husband-and-wife team working out of our home. We’ve got a lot of competition in this industry that we’re up against, most of which is “bigger and better” than our wee little operation.
So, we’re here to tell you this: We understand, and we’ve got you.

We’re here to take the load off your shoulders and give your business greater opportunity to flourish amongst the corporate competition. We pride ourselves in building intuitive websites that authentically illustrate who You are and what Your Brand represents, yielding the confidence to continue pushing forward in your small-business journey, no matter the size of the competition.
We’re here to promote Your Brand within the digital space by designing the perfect website just for You, to enhance your outreach and build a stronger local community.



The foundation of every website we build encompasses three key components :


Clean-cut and easy to understand with smooth navigation across most devices.


Compact for a fast loading time to keep viewers fully engaged.


Staying true to You and Your Brand.



We design websites for an assortment of local organizations within diversified industries.



Our goal is to focus on the basics to advance your company’s success, whether you’re just beginning your entrepreneurial journey or you’ve got a seasoned business looking to connect with a bigger audience.

We design websites solely using the content management system (CMS), WordPress. Every design we create is built from the ground up using our knowledge and tech-savviness (with the addition of your personal style!) Not only do we focus on design, but we ensure device responsiveness and optimization (meaning your site will look great on mobile and you’ll get a fast loading time!)

If you’ve already got a website, but it’s just not working properly – maybe links are broken, images aren’t loading, your site is not mobile-friendly or loading speed is seriously lagging – we will use our knowledge and resources to resolve these issues for a better user experience.

Usually as an add-on to creating a website just for you, we will establish a Facebook business page for your business and post original content on your behalf for 30 consecutive days to kick-start your online marketing.

Also typically paired with creating your business’s site, we use a mid-tier hosting company to support all basic website needs.
With us hosting your website on your behalf, you won’t need to worry about updates (we will do that for you!)

If you are in need of upgrading your hosting services at any time in the future, we will provide those options for you.

Upon handing over your fresh new website, we will include a free two-hour training session so you can feel confident in making changes to your site all on your own. From there, we will be on standby to tackle bigger tasks and offer additional support if needed.

When you invest in our web services, you’re investing in Your Brand.
With us on board designing your website, optimizing it for search engines, and bringing Your Brand to life, you’ll begin to see your business gaining momentum in the digital space.





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